This is my dear friend Angel. We got together at our favorite studio, Locket Space here in Seattle. We've found that her instagram account gets reported after she posts images that absolutely follow their rules of censorship. One of my hashtags is banned. Several of us are "shadow banned." Instagram has been getting more and more aggressive on censorship, so I'm sharing these here freely.

Celebrate your sensuality! Don't be afraid of it. Have you noticed what happens when it's repressed? People sneak around and get it however they can. When they get caught, they are shamed. We have stories all over the place of how members of sexually repressive religions end up in the most hardcore situations they can manage. There are the preachy politicians that get busted with their mistresses. The list goes on and on. It's time to accept that we were all born through sex and it is a part of our lives. As long as there's clear consent and intent...carry on.

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